Carol Brewer

Carol Brewer

Carol Brewer, RN

Medical Telemetry Unit
Centegra Health System
Huntley, Illinois
United States
Carol’s compassion is beyond incredible.

Carol was my nurse on a couple occasions. On one occasion, I had colon resection surgery.  Carol showed me some breathing techniques and how to cough properly as to not induce further pain to my incision.  She gave me a quilt to hold against my incision to make it more comfortable when I moved around.  She was always forthcoming with answers to my questions.  During my recovery, I developed a complication and needed an NG tube inserted through my nose.  Carol held my hand tenderly and comforted me during this awful procedure.  I was in the hospital 12 days during that stay.

On another occasion, I was admitted through the ER and required emergency surgery. When I was being transferred to my room, I awoke to Carol holding my hand as my bed was being pushed into my room.  At some point, it was discovered my glasses were missing. Carol was able to track them down.  Carol encouraged my husband to go home and get some sleep and assured him everyone would take proper care of me.  Carol was very friendly and comforting when my husband called to check on me.

When I woke up fully, Carol explained what had gone on with me after I was admitted to the ER as I had very little recollection of anything.  She did this all while holding my hand.  Carol’s compassion is beyond incredible.  Throughout my stay, she asked about my family and how everyone was coping.  When it was time to be discharged for the third time, I was quite apprehensive, to say the least.  I am very thankful Carol was my discharge nurse as she assured me it was time to go home.  She carefully explained my discharge orders and my diet to me.