Carmen Atwood

Carmen Atwood

Carmen Atwood, RN

CardioThoracic Intensive Care
Maimonides Medical Center
Brooklyn, New York
United States

Carmen Atwood is the kind of nurse who is available to all who need her. She does not mind that the patient is not assigned to her. When the situation calls for a nurse, she is there and more and she does it well. As a preceptor, she has trained orientees to be like her, intelligent, responsible, hardworking and compassionate.

Carmen is the holistic nurse! She sees all aspects of her patient's needs. She treats the family and the patient! She is an advocate and will bring comfort to you as a patient. She is a perennial preceptor / mentor. The staff looks to her for expertise, advice and coaching.

Our patients want her to be their nurse every day. Our surgeons often hear that Carmen is the nurse and say "oh good!" Carmen is a true flower! She represents the ideals of a DAISY!