Carmella Mertz

Carmella Mertz

Carmella Mertz, RN

Women's Imaging
Upstate University Hospital Health System
Syracuse, New York
United States
I witnessed countless patients and their families thanking Carmella for being the “best nurse they have ever come across.”

I have worked with Carmella Mertz for over the last 30 years. We retired together a few years ago but we both came back because we love what we do. Carmella took on a new role as a per diem nurse working in Women's Imaging.

Women’s Imaging is not like any other area of Radiology. Many of our patients come back year after year and if there is a problem, unlike other diagnostic areas, we are part of the follow-up. Often, we see a whole family of women from generation to generation. We are an intricate part of their care and each patient is not just another anonymous case where you may never know the outcome of that patient.

Watching Carmella come alongside each patient’s personal journey from start to finish was an honor and a privilege. Carmella is one of the most compassionate, empathetic, and dedicated nurses I have ever had the honor to work with.                     

As each procedure began, I saw Carmella stand by each patients' side and reach for their hand. Both would squeeze tight, and at that moment, I witnessed a transformation as each patients' fear lifted and peace took over the room. After the procedure was done, Carmella would meet with the patient and their family and would make sure, before that patient left, all questions were answered. She also made sure each patient felt comfortable and confident to go home. Often each patient would reach out and hug Carmella as they were “so grateful to have had her as their nurse”. I witnessed countless patients and their families thanking Carmella for being the “best nurse they have ever come across.” So many patients said to her “I would have never gotten through this if not for you, you are a lifesaver”.

Here at Women’s Imaging, it is critical that we develop a good rapport with our patients. We strive to instill confidence and relieve anxiety which ultimately results in better imaging. We feel it is important because doing our job well may ultimately save a life. Because of Carmella’s dedication to doing the best possible job she can for her patients, it is hard to say how many “lives” she saved just being a part of Women’s Imaging.

For this, I want to recognize Carmella Mertz, who as a nurse here in this institution, for well over 30 years, has practiced, mentored and ultimately shared with our patients the mantra we live by in Women’s Imaging which is:

“Being part of a patient’s personal journey from start to finish is an honor and a privilege. As health care professionals we are dedicated to our patients and their families and strive to provide the best care we can give.”                                       

Carmella Mertz is one of those dedicated professionals who I am proud to call my friend and mentor.