Carly Bervaldi
June 2018
Lower Keys Medical Center
Key West
United States




Carly Bervaldi is an absolute angel. She is kind, compassionate, accommodating and anticipates my every need before I know the need.

Carly has excellent clinical skills.  She can access both of my ports easily and is on top of rate adjustments before any air gets in the line (IVIG).

Carly is aware that I had an air embolus at a different facility and she takes special attention with the lines which go into my port.

Carly is like having an advocate for my care and treats me as one of her very own family.  She has my room ready for my arrival, as I come to the unit once per week for treatment, has everything ready to go to access my ports and is masterful at accessing my ports.

Carly has excellent and solid clinical skills.  She can just look at me and tell if anything is wrong or just off.

Carly acts on whatever is wrong, right away.

Carly always gets me comfortable; offers warm blankets; an extra pillow; preference for placement of the over bed table and even remembers that I will chew ice rather than water because she knows I don’t like to drink water.

If I have to have a procedure or surgery Carly makes a point of making sure she is working on that day, to be a part of the team, so that everything goes smoothly.

Carly is very invested in her patients, takes ownership in her work and in her unit.

Carly works well as part of the ambulatory care team and shows great leadership and teaching skills.

LKMC is very fortunate to have Carly as a member of their team.  She is patient-centered and very competent. I can honestly say that I trust her with my life and I can't say that about many medical team members, even at the many hospitals that I have had to seek care that is not available at our community hospital.

Nursing is a calling for Carly, not a job.