Carla Golden

Carla Golden

Carla Golden, RN

Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio
United States

Mr. P. was a patient on 11ER last winter. He had suffered a traumatic injury to his legs that required him to be hospitalized for several months at OSU. During his stay he was moved between 11ER, 10ER, ICU, step-down and Dodd hall. He had numerous surgeries, wounds, skin grafts, infections, and rehab. There were lots of highs and lows. Mr. P. was cared for by many, many healthcare providers during his hospital admission.

Mr. P. finally got to go home last spring. He had a long road ahead of him.

Last week I ran into Mr. P. at a school function. He was walking with a cane! I approached him and gave him a big hug ...he said he was doing well.

Then he said..."I can only remember certain things about my hospital stay ...but I do remember one Nurse and she was... an Angel".

He teared up as he told me about the nurse that always went above and beyond when she took care of him. He said there was one morning that he was scheduled to go to surgery and he was scared. He said this nurse stayed late (1-2 hours late) to sit with him before surgery so he wouldn't be alone! He said he will never forget her and the wonderful care she gave him when he needed it most.

As he started to walk away...he smiled and said... "Tell her Hello' the next time you work with her!"....and I did!

Thank you Carla Golden!! You are an Amazing RN!