Carla Cross

Carla Cross, RN, BSN

Beaumont Hospital Troy
Troy, Michigan
United States

On an extremely busy day in CICU, Carla was up for the next admission. It just so happened to be a 25 year old who presented in the Emergency Center in Cardiac arrest and was being resuscitated. Upon admission to CICU the patient arrested again. Carla and the rest of her team jumped into action, initiating ACLS treatment to the patient. Within minutes they revived the patient again. Carla's critical thinking kicked in and she started coordinating a plan for this patient's care with the House Physician.

Mind you, the patient's family was very emotional and needed a lot of emotional support. While providing care for the patient, Carla offered compassion and comfort to the patient's family.

During this entire incident, Carla remained calm and on top of things. Carla is a great example of a caring, compassionate and critical thinker that remains in control in even the most stressful situations. Her patients and their families benefit from her commitment to providing high quality of patient care. Carla is truly an asset to our CICU Team.