Caregivers of 3K/ICU at Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center

Caregivers of 3K/ICU

Caregivers of 3K/ICU at Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center, RNs and More

3K ICU Cardiac/Intensive Care Unit
Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
United States

A patient called raving about the care that she received at ASMMC, in particular, 3K/ICU. Her experience started in the ED and she quickly transferred to the ICU and eventually the 3K department. The patient explained that she has received healthcare all over the country and particularly a non-Aurora hospital in Manitowoc. The patient just got out of the Manitowoc hospital, was doing okay, and came for a visit to Sheboygan when suddenly she needed emergent care. The patient was brought to ASMMC by the ambulance, in which brought the patient immediate fear since this wasn’t her “normal” place for care or her “normal” doctors. The ER Doctor, Dr. Wnek, was amazing and her hospitalization continued to get better on the 3K/ICU department. The patient said that 3K/ICU was phenomenal for so many reasons. “I felt like I was in a 5-star hotel.” The patient was on some medications that led her to need to use the bathroom every hour, however, “the nurses never made me feel like I was a burden.” When the patient was starting to have a panic attack, one nurse, Nicole, sat at the edge of her bed and talked her through the experience. “I have never had a nurse just sit and talk me through something so scary. I knew she was busy, but she still took the time.” The patient was impressed that the cleaning lady brought her flowers, “simply because I looked down that day.” The massage therapist came up because her neck was sore from being intubated for an extended period of time. Another nurse, Amanda, stood out as being phenomenal and confirmed that she is “in the right profession.” “Dr. Detrana even came in the ICU on his day off to check on me.” Dr. Nora and Dr. Oosting were amazing as well. “I never felt alone, and everyone was there to answer any questions.” There was one caregiver, who had the biggest smile and it would immediately put a smile on her face as the caregiver’s smile was contagious. “A smile is so powerful.” What started as a terrifying experience for this patient, ended with the patient claiming that she “has never been treated so good in all my life.”

Team Members honored with this DAISY TEAM Award:

Jodie Brugoto, RN

Kaylee Graff, BSN, RN

Danica Guehlstorf, RN

Ashley Hendrixson, RN

Mary Kuhn, BSN, RN

Megan Mentink, RN

Rebecca Morrison, BSN, RN

Nicole Nechodomu, BSN, RN

Amanda Pennings, BSN, RN

Ryan Schmidt, BSN, RN

Jennifer Schneider, BSN, RN

Sarah Yocum, BSN, RN

Alma Tovar, BSN, RN

Madeline Wilterdink, BSN, RN

Panhia Yang, BSN, RN

Joshua Gile, RN

Rita Zehr, BSN, RN, Patient Care Manager

Nancy Niesing, MSN, RN, Educator