Care Management Team at Beaumont Hospital - Grosse Pointe

Care Management Team

Care Management Team at Beaumont Hospital - Grosse Pointe

Beaumont Care Management
Beaumont Hospital - Grosse Pointe
Grosse Pointe, Michigan
United States
Director: Deb Kline Manager RN: Sarah Griffith Care Managers RNs: Gloria Anderson, Rowena Angeles, Maria Cadag-Balanon, Andrea Carstens, Johanna Castronero, Holly Cory, Kathie Crook, Brenda David, Erin Dionne, Craig Eckenrode, Jodi Howell, Janet Jacobs, Gayle Mitchell, Gail Pagels, Donna Polom, Tori Robinson, Kerry Spens, Elaine Stefanski, Sheila Thacker, Alice Triglia, Barbara Zimmerman Social Work RNs: Leanna Beattie, Pamela Lavis, Briana Moon, Kate Prechel, Raelle Plante Resource Center RNs: Cheryl Caruss, Mary Jo DeGraw, Cindy Gregorich, Judith Sudomier Resource Center: JoAnn Hillebrand, Dawn Rysiewicz Customer Service Coordinator: Marie Borsa and Sally Asselin

All of these nurses work to help their patients have not only a better experience during the hospital stay but also when they return home. They provide comfort and information to all of their patients throughout the hospital every day. I have been here since June 1977 as a resident staff physician and as a patient and this is the finest group of people I have come in contact with. It is an honor to work with all of them. They brighten up everyone's lives. I have been hospitalized myself on multiple occasions, and they were always helpful, especially when I had a below the knee amputation, they facilitated inpatient rehab and post-hospital recovery.


Care Management Nurses are behind the scenes and often unrecognized. Not only do they assess patients and help them get the medical assistance they need while hospitalized, but also they assess the needs at home and get patients equipment, homecare, oxygen, life respite, and private duty services to help them. When the nurses see a need for placement for rehabilitation, they initiate that process as well. Care Management Nurses make sure patients get the care they need both in the hospital and out. There are countless stories from every care manager of what I have personally observed as caring and truly giving from the heart. It would be a disservice to all the stories I can't relate here due to space constrictions. I could literally tell numerous for each and every one of our nurses from spending their own money for rides and equipment, to adopting families and asking the department to help in furnishing new homes and helping patients start over, and everyone partakes in generously. I have been here 13 years and every single day, I see care managers staying late to get their patients what they need. They work hard and continue to show patients the kindness care and empathy that I would want if I were a patient. Our Care Management Nurses are often behind the scenes, but they truly are unsung heroes.