Candy Bonilla

Candy Bonilla, RN

White Memorial Medical Center
Los Angeles, California
United States

I was having a very difficult time breastfeeding my child. I was unable to produce milk and as soon as I mentioned this to Candy, she came in with materials to help me. That same evening I was feeding my baby with my own milk, which means the world to me! My husband and I felt very comfortable with her because she was well-informed and prepared for all of our questions.


Candy made my experience at White Memorial a very unique one. As soon as she greeted us, she was very polite and compassionate towards my baby. She always answered all of my questions and met my needs on a timely manner. Candy by all means, cannot be in any other field, but nursing. Thank you!


Candy always has a smile whenever I need something. She has great working skills with my family. I loved the way she treated me. Thank you!


Candy is an excellent nurse and very friendly. She is understanding and I received the best care I could have hoped for. Thank you, Candy for your care.