Candace Bridges

Candace Bridges, RN

Transplant Inpatient Unit
Baylor All Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth
Fort Worth, Texas
United States

Candace had a patient that was admitted to the hospital with abnormal lab values. Prior to the patient being admitted to Baylor All Saints, the patient was admitted to an out of town hospital. While the patient was admitted at Baylor All Saints the physician was requesting records and slides from the previous hospital.

Candace took this task on without any hesitation to ensure that the physician got the slides so the patient would get the best care possible. Little did Candace know that she would have to make multiple phone calls and spend large amounts of time on this. Candace ended up having to get in contact with the lab in Illinois that had the slides in storage and arrange for them to be shipped to Texas.

This is not part of her job requirements, but Candace went above and beyond to make sure the patient's pathology slides arrived to our facility. At the time of the patient's discharge, the slides had not arrived, but Candace continued to work on this for 5 days until the slides arrived safely to Baylor All Saints. Once the slides arrived to the hospital, Candace made sure to communicate to both the patient and his wife knew the slides had arrived.

The is just one example of how Candace goes above and beyond for her patients and their families to ensure they ALWAYS receive safe, quality, compassionate health care.