Caitlin Davis

Caitlin Davis

Caitlin Davis, BSN, RN

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Iowa City, Iowa
United States
Caitlin put the “care” in healthcare.

Last week my mother had surgery at UIHC. Since surgery she has been in 3 JPW. I want to share with you our family’s praise for your nurses. While they have all been knowledgeable and compassionate, one has stood out to us from the beginning. Caitlin Davis has modeled what nursing really is. She has not seen Mom as a patient but as a person. When she first came into the room, she could tell Mom was very uncomfortable and emotionally upset. Caitlin took her hand, spoke words of empathy, and then captured what only a family member could know: “You are usually the caregiver, aren’t you? You are not used to being cared for. Well, we are going to take care of you.”  Mom had just made a new friend. We all did.

Caitlin does not follow a textbook approach to patient care. That is not to say she is not professional. On the contrary, her knowledge of the body and medicine was quickly evident. Her approach is more heart-driven. She wants to see the patient and the family has all they need without feeling rushed, overwhelmed, or awkward. She offered suggestions on how to take the multiple medications and she provided a terrific option for a walker when that time was right. And the list of examples could go on and on.

Nurses like Caitlin put the “care” in healthcare.