Bryan Blinstrup

Bryan Blinstrup

Bryan Blinstrup, RN, BSN

Emergency Department
AMITA St. Joseph Hospital - Elgin
Elgin, Illinois
United States
Her nurse, Bryan, was especially kind and caring and tender and thoughtful during her days at the hospital.

My mother was a patient at St. Joseph Hospital after contracting COVID-19 while in her assisted living facility. She was only there for a few days before she passed, but the nurses and staff at the hospital were all absolutely amazing. Due to COVID-19 and the restriction on visitors, and the fact that I live in Virginia and could not travel, no one was allowed to be with my mom in her last days here on earth.

One nurse, I believe he was "her" nurse, for the most part, was an absolute angel and took so much care with our poor mom. She was on oxygen and not able to communicate with us, but the hospital set up an iPad for us to be able to see her and "talk" to her while she was there. Her nurse, Bryan, was especially kind and caring and tender and thoughtful during her days at the hospital. He was also right there to update us and tell us what was going on and assured us she was in no pain. That meant the world to us.

While every nurse and doctor during this most stressful time deserves the highest award possible for taking care of our loved ones during this stressful time, the extra care and love showed to our mom with COVID-19, knowing the risks were great, was over and beyond what words could possibly express. We were so sad that she passed, of course, but so, so grateful for the loving care she received while in the hospital.


During the COVID surge, Bryan put himself at risk to selflessly care for a dying patient. He stayed with her in her last moments and held an iPad for her at length so that she could communicate with her family (who live out of state) for the last time. In those moments, the patient who was struggling to breathe was able to calm down and say goodbye to her daughter and grandchildren. This brought so much peace to her and, while difficult for the family, they were able to tell her they loved her and missed her.

Our nurses are only required to stay in COVID positive patient rooms to provide needed medical care and a patient who is in isolation like this can have a lonely existence. Bryan did not leave after the "required" medical care was done but showed great compassion and dedication, with risk to himself, and stayed to provide this comfort to this mom and grandmother.