Bruce Kimball

Bruce Kimball

Bruce Kimball, RN, PCCN

Post Interventional Nursing Unit (PINU)
Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital
West Chester, Pennsylvania
United States

I would like to nominate Bruce Kimball of PINU for a DAISY Award for excellent patient care as well as kindness towards fellow nurses. I was hired in May of 2011 and I am still getting to know a lot of the staff here. I was pulled to PINU for the first time a few weeks ago and Bruce was so pleasant and positive, I immediately felt at ease. Being pulled to an area of more critical care can be anxiety inducing. Bruce took the time to welcome me, did not appear to be rushed or inconvenienced by acclimating me to the unit. I was pulled a second time to PINU and Bruce was there again to greet me and was upbeat. Bruce was also very busy, nevertheless, he took the time to say hello and always "what do you need?" or "are you okay?” I was pleased to be pulled to the PINU this second time as my first impression was warm and fuzzy.

I know DAISY Awards are for patient care and this brings me to my second reason for nominating Bruce. I watched him discharge a patient to home with several family members. I think he was being discharged with CHF, but overall the discharge time took about an hour, maybe more. The family was so relieved and all were smiling, including the patient, and it was because Bruce took the time necessary to properly discharge a patient to a concerned and loving family who now had the understanding and tools to care for their family member.

Patient care is important, but going above and beyond for fellow co-workers as well as patients should be recognized also - both fall under the category of the true meaning of care and teamwork.