Brooke Whittaker

Brooke Whittaker, RN

Heart and Vascular Unit
Memorial Hospital of South Bend
South Bend, Indiana
United States

Nurse Brooke Whittaker, was on her way home after a 12 hour shift at the hospital. Driving on the Toll Road Brooke approached a minivan rollover and was the first on the scene. Jumping into action she approached the vehicle to find two adults and a three year old in the backseat.

She assisted in extracting the frightened toddler from the car and helped to calm the parents who were both badly injured before first responders arrived at the scene.

The family was from Italy and vacationing here to visit family. They were on their way back from New York to Chicago when the crash happened early in the morning. The family was transported to Memorial. The mother was admitted to ICU and the father was admitted to 8 South. Luckily, the child was uninjured in the crash.

Brooke couldn't stop thinking about the family as she continued home. That evening she was scheduled back to work. She learned about the parents' admissions and still couldn't stop thinking about the family.

On her way to work that evening Brooke stopped to purchase a Cinderella princess dress. Brooke went to visit with the young girl who started to beam as she remembered Brooke as the one who helped her out of the car. Brooke presented the little girl with the dress, and she was so excited to receive the gift.

The family expressed their appreciation for everything that Brooke did for them in their time of need. They took pictures together of Brooke and the family with the little girl in her Cinderella dress.

We are proud of Brooke and the actions she took that day to help this family in need.