Brooke Bagby

Brooke Bagby, RN

Stepdown Intermediate Care
University Medical Center Brackenridge
Austin, Texas
United States

Brooke was our guardian angel on the night of XXXX's accident. Our family was traumatized by the boat accident. All of XXXX's siblings were on the boat, along with my daughter-in-law's family.

Brooke had just the right amount of compassion and distraction to make XXXX feel as comfortable as one can after experiencing such an injury. She immediately befriended XXXX, and the jokes flew back and forth. I think that XXXX felt he had a friend that had his back and trust.

In addition to her care the night of the accident, Brooke made a point of finding our family when XXXX was moved to the 8th floor. She had us all in tears when she complimented our family support system and reminded us to cherish it.

Brooke is just the type of professional caregiver that everyone hopes to find whenever we are in the hospital scared and in pain. She goes over and above duty and has a passion for helping people. She is definitely in the right profession and anyone in her care is a lucky patient.

All of the medical staff that we experienced was fabulous. Cannot say enough good things. They were caring, efficient, cheerful. Thank you for what you do. You all make a difference.