Brittnay Watson

Brittnay Watson

Brittnay Watson, RN, BSN

Mixed Acuity Unit 9 South
University of Louisville Hospital
Louisville, Kentucky
United States
We will never forget the kindness and compassion Brittnay shared with us while we were grieving and purely exhausted.

Our father, who had progressive liver disease, developed pneumonia and suffered a stroke that paralyzed the entire left side of his body. He was transported to the University of Louisville Hospital. By the time my father was admitted to Mixed Acuity Unit 9-South, he was unresponsive and had hours or perhaps a day to live.

When the night shift arrived, Brittnay Watson, RN, was his nurse. Brittnay was strong, calm, caring, professional and attentive. She consulted with my father’s physician throughout the night regarding medications and changes in his condition. Each time, Brittnay always calmly and clearly explained to us the adjustments and what was happening. I felt at peace, with her overseeing my father’s care.

As we knew the end was near, my mother wanted to sleep overnight with my father. Brittnay found a chair/cot for my mother to sleep on and provided pillows and a blanket. She encouraged my mother to get some rest and that she would wake my mother when they believed my father was passing since his vitals were being monitored at the nursing station.

At the final hour, Brittnay woke my mother at 2:30 am so that she could be with my father as he took his last breath at 2:35 am. This is compassionate care. As we were sitting in the room with my mother, I remember Brittnay telling my mother, “We are on your time. You take as much time as you need.”

Brittnay was such a blessing to our family, especially in the last 8 hours of my father’s life. We will never forget the kindness and compassion she shared with us while we were grieving and purely exhausted. Brittnay cared for my father with wisdom and grace. She not only cared for my father in the final hours of his life and did as he wished, but as she cared for my father in his death; she also cared for our family. Brittnay you were a blessing to us.

 Thank you, Brittnay, for being an extraordinary nurse.