Brittany Rysz

Brittany Rysz, RN

3B- Med Surg
Mercy Health - St. Vincent Medical Center
Toledo, Ohio
United States

Brittany is one of the most attentive and caring nurses I have had the pleasure of meeting. Her humor allowed me an alternative way to deal with my discomfort and pain. She knew how to distract my mind from focusing on my pain level, even just briefly, which allowed me to feel a level of comfort I have not been able to experience in 2 months. She was attentive to my needs at the same time was able to maintain a level of professionalism which gave me faith in her nursing abilities. As a fellow healthcare provider, she made me feel as if we were peers and not communicate with me as if am incompetent due to my illness. I truly feel like I made a personal connection with Brittany, one that I would enjoy maintaining long after my recovery.