Brittany Freeland

Brittany Freeland

Brittany Freeland, BSN, RN

Critical Care Unit
Midland Memorial Hospital
Midland, Texas
United States

Brittany was nominated by a patient's wife who was impressed by Brittany's quality care, compassion, and professionalism during her husband's hospital stay. The patient was admitted to the Critical Care Unit after suffering a series of stokes and brain bleeds that caused him to lose strength in his right arm and leg, lose part of his vision in his right eye, and to have some memory problems and speech issues. Naturally, this was a very difficult time for the patient's wife and other family members, but the wife states that Brittany went the extra mile to make her husband and their family members feel less stressed and more comforted during this time. The nominator states that Brittany was very attentive and diligent in her duties as well as very informative to family members as to what was happening, why this treatment was being done, or why that was ordered.

Brittany "provided education on medications, procedures, and hospital regulations to help family members understand each task she performed to carry out safe and reliable care," her nominator wrote. "She made sure that visitors and family members were comfortable and greeted each person as an individual rather than as a duty." Even after the patient was moved from Critical Care, Brittany continued to check on his progress any time she saw his family members in the hospital and she would express her continued well wishes. "Brittany, although very young, will continue to be a valuable asset to Midland Memorial Hospital as she continues her education, knowledge and growth as a provider of exceptional care," the patient's wife wrote.

Brittany is described by her peers as "an excellent and compassionate Critical Care nurse" and a valuable team member. She is a team player and works with everyone to meet the needs of the unit. She's described as "very calm and respectful in her interactions with patients, families, and her peers, which makes her truly great to work with!" Her patients comment on her attentiveness and maintain that she not only takes care of them, but their families too.

Because of Brittany's compassionate and caring efforts, her patients experience a level of care that exemplifies the impact nurses have in creating an environment where patients and families feel at home.