Brittany Burnham

Brittany Burnham

Brittany Burnham, RN

7th Medical
Mayo Clinic Health System: Franciscan Healthcare
La Crosse , Wisconsin
United States
Brittany ran to a hot dog stand, on her personal time, to get dad a Chicago dog.

Brittany Burnham demonstrated clinical skill, compassionate care, exemplary service and a commitment to excellence. I would like to share a story about why she is so special. Brittany is a sweet, caring and compassionate person. I have not lost faith in humanity and here is why.

My dad came to the hospital for heart problems that he has dealt with for almost 30 years now, and since day one he had been asking the nurses for a Chicago dog as a joke. Well, he’s been told that he could come home on Monday, and Brittany ran to a hot dog stand, on her personal time, to get dad a Chicago dog. Unfortunately, they didn’t make them, so she looked up how to make a Chicago dog and then she went to the grocery store and got all the ingredients to make them for him. He said they tasted fantastic! He talked about her many times and others as being exceptional in how they cared for him.

The staff at Mayo has been extremely caring, loving and compassionate with my dad. They went above and beyond with his care. We’ve had nothing but great experiences with them. Thank you, Brittany, for doing that for my dad. You will always be remembered by my family for this simple act of kindness. He passed away and I know that he appreciated Mayo Nurses, Doctors, staff and the facility for the top of the line care as much as we appreciated it. Bless you, all for everything you've done and continue to do.