Brittany Austin

Brittany Austin

Brittany Austin, BSN, RN, CPN

Mission Hospital
Asheville, North Carolina
United States
She is more than a nurse to us. We love her like our own.

Brittany Austin is simply phenomenal. We adore her, and just as much as we adore her, she adores our son. Brittany not only does her job, administers meds, but will stand here and talk to us like we are family friends. We enjoy the bond we have with her. She makes us laugh when we don’t even feel like smiling. 

Brittany has been one of our son’s nurses from day one. We knew immediately he was drawn to her. At his worst times, she’s been by his side making sure that he was ok, even after her shift was over, wanting to stay nearby until his fever came down or his heart rate was stable. She is more than a nurse to us. We love her like our own.

Brittany is always gentle and kind towards our boy. She just has a way about her that is calming and makes him comfortable. She knows her stuff, she’s very smart, and tells us step by step about the meds she is giving and what their action is. She informs us of what she’s doing at all times. We feel involved in our son’s care when she is our nurse. She’s wonderful and we could not ask for a better person to be by our side, caring and loving our boy. 

Thank you Mission for the excellent and outstanding care provided by Brittany.