Britney Casillas-Moller

Britney Casillas-Moller, RN

Los Angeles, California
United States

Britney has been an extraordinary nurse. She is kind, loving, soft spoken and very concerned for my father’s well being. Her soothing voice made my father feel at ease regardless of the procedures being done to him. She explained everything with detail and was very good at responding to my father’s needs. When dispensing medication, she gave detailed explanations of what the meds were and how often my father would have to take them. She contacted the doctor when needed and informed the family of any new developments or results.
Britney is amazing and I recommend her for the DAISY Award. Sometimes just a smile and a soothing voice can make a patient feel better, which is priceless! At 80-years-old, my father needs all of the love and patience the world can offer and Britney provides all of that for him and for our family.
Miss Britney’s personal demeanor is that of a sweetheart. She has a gentle voice, kind smile, and reassuring manner. These qualities, as far as I can tell, are what make her the lovely star of nursing. She takes pride in her profession and is prompt in delivering her service. She makes one feel like the number one patient when you know she has many. She explains things thoroughly and although she is very young, it is like she has been nursing all of her life. I encourage her to move forward in her career and wish her and her team can save many more lives. Again, Britney is a “star” in our eyes and did things with love, grace, compassion and surely made my father feel safe under her care.