Bridgette Coane

Bridgette Coane, RN

Health First - Viera Hospital
Viera, Florida
United States
Bridgette made me realize that I must make a life style change.

I came into Viera Hospital through the ER. I was extremely sick and diagnosed with DKA. It was an extremely scary experience and I was lucky to have Bridgette as my nurse. She was there for me in some of my darkest hours. She would encourage me that I can turn things around. Bridgette explained it was extremely important to take my diabetes seriously.

Bridgette explained the outcome would be even worse if I didn't take care of my diabetes. She was compassionate and truly cared about me. Bridgette made me realize that I must make a life style change. I have a husband, daughter, grandchild, mother, father, and sister who love me very much. Bridgette would explain to the next nurse my condition in detail. It is one thing to do your job, it is another to go above and beyond to care for your patient.

Bridgette went out of her way to not only take care of my physical needs, but my emotional needs too. I have since changed my lifestyle totally. I have started a plan with my endocrinologist, I went to an 8-hour class on diabetes, I am eating correctly, and exercising. My blood sugars are under control without insulin. I feel awesome. You are truly lucky to have her for a nurse in the ICU.