Bridgett Dangerfield

Bridgett Dangerfield, RN, BSN

Intermediate Care Unit
DMC - Sinai Grace Hospital
Detroit, Michigan
United States

Bridgett has taken on increased responsibilities and has excelled in professionalism on the unit. She is a great role model for everyone she meets. She faces every issue with compassion and expertise. She intervenes in situations involving patients and families to resolve issues and reduce the already stressful reality of hospitalization. Our unit receives many patients of trauma and she is there to support them as they recover.

She is a role model and teacher whenever I need help caring for my patients Bridgett is there. She is an advocate for our patients and is a team player. She is the nurse and person I aspire to be and look up to.

Bridgett consistently strives to meet the patients' needs and families' goals and solve problems where needed. She always goes beyond the call of duty and supports not only the patients and families but the staff as well whether it's her expertise or a shoulder to cry on, Bridgett is there.