Brianna Casciello

Brianna Casciello

Brianna Casciello, RN

Family Birth Center
Grady Health System
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Even though I gave up and the doctors gave up too, but Brianna didn't!

I would just like to say Brianna is a miracle! I was in labor for 3 days almost and pushed for almost 6 hours! It wasn't easy as a first-time pregnancy. After pushing for almost 4 hours, the doctors were thinking about a c-section, as I was too exhausted to push any further. They could see the baby's hair, so they were afraid to do a c-section.

At that time an Angel came to my labor room and gave me the highest inspirations to push. Brianna gave me some cold water to drink, wiped my face with a wet towel, put some Vaseline on my lips and then told me to push with all that I have. Those words of hers made me push the biggest push of my life. And then the baby was there! Even though I gave up and the doctors gave up too, but she didn't! She just came as an angel for me.

I thank her with all my heart. I even looked for her to thank her personally but couldn't find her. I pray for her with all my heart and wish her all the best!