Brenda McNees-Thoreson

Brenda McNees-Thoreson, RN

Human Development & Disability
University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

There is an old saying, “Take ten seconds and make a difference”. Brenda has devoted 20 years of 10 seconds to our UWMC patients and families. She makes a positive difference in their lives every day. Brenda demonstrates compassion and empathy while working with patients of all ages. Our patients are often anxious when they arrive but Brenda’s kind demeanor always helps to ease their concerns, allowing for accurate diagnoses. Her years of experience in the areas of critical care and developmental disabilities improve her patient care and also provide a wealth of knowledge for others in the team. During the past year, as an RN3, Brenda developed new methods of communication and documentation and has created an atmosphere of teamwork recognized by providers and staff and improving service to patients. As the only RN at CHDD, Brenda is also responsible for clinical aspects of survey readiness and infection control and takes pride in perfection in these important areas. Brenda has demonstrated her commitment to “Patients First” and to staff and provider teamwork and recognition. She is clinically talented, creative, dedicated and possesses a strong desire to learn and grow. She is an exceptional role model for all staff throughout the CHDD.