Brenda Casson

Brenda Casson

Brenda Casson, RN, BSN

L & D
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano
Plano, Texas
United States

I know that the DAISY Award was created as a way to say "thank you" to nurses that have critical thinking skills, give compassionate care and are focus on patient and family goals. I would like to share a story of one such nurse.

Brenda Casson was caring for a patient. Brenda spent most of the morning bonding with her patient and the family, as they induced labor. Early in the afternoon the patient had delivered vaginal without complications. A short while after the delivery, Brenda became concerned with the amount of bleeding that the patient was having. She managed the care of all while explaining everything to the patient and family. As Brenda became more concerned she called the Doctor to the bedside. The bleeding wasn't stopping, so the patient was taken to the OR for a D&C. Brenda explained and communicated everything along the way, giving the patient and family comfort during such a difficult time. While in the OR, the patient's condition worsened to the point that an emergency hysterectomy was needed along with MTP (I believe this was her first baby). Brenda remained calm and professional during this emergency. She comforted the patient answering all the questions.

Brenda was seven month pregnant during this emergency. She had been with the patient the entire day with the OR time at approximately 5 hours. So, she labor the patient until about noon, delivered then D&C, turned emergency 4-5 hour hysterectomy with MTP in OR time. She would never leave the patient to eat or go to the bathroom. She remained at the patient's bedside caring for her. She was even noted to shed tears with patient.