Brenda Authier

Brenda Authier, RN

Home Health
Mercy Medical Center - Cedar Rapids (IA)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
United States

How lucky can you get to have a home health nurse like Brenda Authier available 24 hours a day- calls if any changes need to take place in medications or Dr.'s appointments, and discusses any questions I have and follows up with regular visits. She got phone calls from my nurse daughters in Florida so she knows how Dad is doing. Seems like a family member rather than a health care professional. Easier for me and more positive to make Dr. contacts through Brenda. Good communication, really on the ball. I call her my "life line".

Never having cared for a patient, before in and out of the hospital, Brenda helped me learn the basic requirements of care and dressing my husband's continuing infections. Her communication with his doctors was invaluable. She is a great caring friend, as well as a nurse.