Brenda Anderson

Brenda Anderson, RN

Sanford Jackson Medical Center
Sanford Health Network
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
United States

Brenda displays exceptional customer service, both for our internal and external customers. The minute you meet Brenda, you like Brenda. She is friendly, warm, caring and extremely kind. Brenda's empathy towards patients clearly resonates. Frequently there are comments by patients and family members thanking Brenda for the exceptional care. The same holds true for staff here as well. Brenda's ability to provide exceptional customer service to her coworkers has provided a calm work environment which is vital in providing quality care to our patients even in the most stressful of situations.

Brenda has a passion for nursing. In addition to the clinical and critical thinking skills that she possesses, Brenda also adds a personal touch when caring for patients. This allows her to really connect with the patients. Brenda helps create a positive experience for her patients.

A recent comment from a patient states "I remember when my husband had his surgery, Brenda was so very helpful and explained things to us, she was very comforting and reassuring everything was ok. I just know she was the first one I really remember from the hospital and always hope she would be one that would take care of me if I have to be there. She is caring both at the hospital and when I see her outside the hospital."

Another patient states, "My care was excellent. That Brenda is OUTSTANDING!!! She not only is top notch, she does an excellent job. I was really impressed with the care that she gave me."

Another patient writes, "Brenda was my nurse for my colonoscopy as well as for my cardiac rehab assignment and for my stress test. Brenda always shows the utmost concern for her patients and always carries a bright and cheerful attitude. I am impressed by her professionalism and feel very assured that she will give me the best care possible. Brenda is very knowledgeable of her responsibilities and follows protocol of her duties to the letter. I am thankful that we have nurses of Brenda's quality and professionalism in our Jackson- Sanford facility!"

For Brenda these situations are a normal day. A provider comments, "I was on ED call and Brenda and I ran into a situation that neither one of us had done before, I was grateful to have Brenda with me. I always enjoy working with her. No matter what, she has a smile on and rolls her sleeves up to help with whatever needs to be done. She's a "superstar".

Brenda Anderson exemplifies the passion of the nurse-to do no harm, to view the whole person, to ease pain, to listen, to be an advocate, to make a difference. When you can smile during those 14 hour shifts that were supposed to be 12 hours, when you can still go into a confuse patient's room that has just rang for the 20th time in the last hour and politely ask what can I do for you, when it takes one hour to do a head to toe assessment on a patient because you stopped to listen, that is what sets aside the nurse who has passion for her profession and the nurse who is getting paid to do a job.

Brenda has a passion and the above describes one of her days. Nursing is a science and an art. The science of nursing is what is taught in nursing school- how to give an injection, how to insert a Foley catheter, how to read a cardiac monitor. But the art of nursing is the caring. That has to come from within. That is the passion of the nurse. That is Brenda Anderson.