Breeze B

Breeze B, RN

Observation Unit
Good Samaritan Medical Center
Lafayette, Colorado
United States
With a tear in her eye, Breeze touched the side of my dad’s face and said everything was going to be ok and that she was here for him.

Breeze has been working the floor where my mom was for over a week and before that was in the critical care section. My father was fighting cancer throughout his body for over 10 years and in and out of your hospital. His last trip there he ended up in the critical care department with a bad brain tumor that had to be removed. He was having a really hard time feeling like he was not going to make it through the surgery and was worried about his wife of over 55 years.

Ironically, Breeze was his critical care nurse the day of surgery and was just amazing and helped him tremendously, I am not sure I have ever met anyone with a heart as big as hers. When she speaks to the patient and family, you can tell she is there because she loves what she does and has so much love and compassion it makes tears in my eyes. Truly a one of a kind person in the society in which we now live.

About 4 days post-surgery, my dad was having a really hard time coming out of all the meds in his system. He was not sure he was going to make it, and again Breeze was his nurse. With a tear in her eye, she touched the side of my dad’s face and said everything was going to be ok and that she was here for him. He said he felt at peace after she touched his face and I will attest that as my father's caregiver and by being with him every day, that is the only thing he remembers from the hospital.

He spoke to his friends how that simple and compassionate move really warmed his heart. You have a lot of excellent nurses, but Breeze is the most amazing human being I have ever met. I have served my county in the U.S. Marine Corps for almost 15 years before being injured and medically discharged and have been through a lot of surgeries and medical care both private and through the VA. Never have I met anyone like her.

My mother was admitted to Good Sam over a week ago with several problems, one of them she is just having a hard time recovering from the loss of my father. I have moved my mom in with me, so I can take care of her and she will not be alone and be able to keep my eye on her. On the second day, I walked down the hallway to my mom’s room and see Breeze sitting at the nurse's station. I had to give her a hug and tell her what she did touching my father’s cheek and giving him peace meant the world to him and I would forever be grateful. I told my mom who I just saw right outside her room door and Breeze came right over when she had a minute and said hello. Talk about customer service, compassion, love for her job and overall just a wonderful person to know.

My mom was so excited to see Breeze and hoped that she would be her nurse, however, it was the end of Breeze's shift and she was off. My mom called me 2 days ago while I was at work and said, “Guess what,” I said, “What, do you get to come home?” and she said, “No, Breeze is my nurse today,” and was so happy.

A few hours later my mom calls again and said, “Guess what, now, I am going home and don't want to go because Breeze is my nurse.” The energy that Breeze gives off and the way she can make someone so happy by just walking into a room is unbelievable and amazing at the same time.  My family and I are honored to have met her. With all the negativity and grumpy people in this world, please, please express to her what a great job she is doing and that she for sure positively impacts the lives of people when they are not at their best laying in a hospital bed recovering.  We love you, Breeze!