Bree Clancy

Bree Clancy

Bree Clancy, RN

Labor & Birth
Mercy Hospital St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri
United States
We never felt alone. Bree is a special kind of nurse. She has compassion and she truly cared about us.

My husband and I were devastated when we found out that our baby no longer had a heartbeat confirmed by ultrasound. We were facing a scary reality of now having to be admitted into the hospital to be induced to deliver our no longer living 26-week fetus. When Bree came on for night shift she had such a soft personality, but as the night went on, I learned very quickly that Bree was special. She was dedicated to our room, me as a patient, and my husband and our grieving process with our family. It was obvious how incredibly smart she was when we would ask complicated hard questions, but she always had answers. This nurse helped me through my first epidural by standing in front of me for support. She always made sure I was comfortable.

It was when the baby arrived when we got to see more of what Bree was capable of as a nurse. She came in with the resident to check on my progress when it was discovered that the baby had been delivered without my knowing. Bree jumped right in and knew just what to do. She asked if I wanted to see her. She made a little station in the room to clean her, wrap her in a blanket and put a beautiful hat on her head to place her in my arms. Bree was so positive preparing us and letting us know how beautiful she was. We felt encouraged to see our baby girl. She allowed us to spend as much time as we felt comfortable. She later took her to do weight and measurements and we were blown away when she returned always in an upbeat voice, presents J to us in a basket, and a beautiful pink robe. Bree was so excited to share how “perfect” her little feet were and how she got the best pictures. Her positivity radiated, she made this experience so much more for us. She made sure to point out the color of J’s hair, strawberry blonde tinted like my husband’s. We had so many discussions about what her hair color would be, red or blonde, so the fact that Bree pointed this out to us meant more to us than she even knew.

Bree went above and beyond for us. We never felt alone. Bree is a special kind of nurse. She has compassion and she truly cared about us. We believe God placed her in our room to share our sad experience with her. Bree deserves all the acknowledgment and praise for being more than average but outstanding and exceptional. She changed our lives and made a horrible experience bearable. We will never forget what an amazing nurse we had during such a hard time and that was truly a blessing.