Brandy Blanks

Brandy Blanks, RN

Jackson, Mississippi
United States

She is our evening charge nurse who always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Whenever I have a question about what to do for my patient, i immediately search for this nurse. I also believe she is possibly one of the most compassionate people I have seen working with our kids on the floor. I have seen several instances when I would have an anxious child and she would come in the room calm the child with her soothing words and touch!
She is our charge RN from 3p-11p. More often than not, as soon as she clocks in, she is met with a challenge(s). She never shies away from challenges/problems; instead, she faces them head on to resolve the issue. She is a grat role model and mentor for not only myself, but many others. Her clinical expertise makes her a tremendous asset to both our unit and nurse. She is always dedicated to extraordinary service to not only our patients, but to everyone around. She delivers quality care to every patient she touches. She exemplifies teamwork because she is always willing to help. And she manages to do everything she does with integrity. I believe she has been nominated for the Daisy Award several times, but she above anyone else deserves to be a Daisy Award recipient. Simply deserved, she is the best!
She is one of my favorite people to work with. She stays busy constantly helping co-workers and taking care of patients. She is an excellent charge nurse. She has a terrific attitude and brings unity to the floor. Again, she is an excellent nurse and an awesome team player. She demonstrates all of the qualities of a Daisy nurse.
She is our charge nurse from 3-11p; every day she comes to work and faces a challenge - she conquers all challenges and assists every staff member from nurse to PCT; she is quick to offer help with anything she is asked about. She is very knowledgeable and is an asset to UMHC; she is my role model and deserving of this award.
What can I say? There's not just one thing or instance that she has done or excelled in; it is everything she does! She is great with patient care and always speaks to patient's and their families in a kind an calming manner. She excels in her knowledge of nursing and has an amazing work ethic! You will never see her just sitting down. She is always running around helping someone. She is definitely my role model as a nurse. I think she is the most deserving person for the Daisy Award.