Brandon Johnson

Brandon Johnson

Brandon Johnson, RN

Acute Adult Psych
Our Lady of Peace Hospital
Louisville, Kentucky
United States

Brandon received numerous nominations and is frequently listed in the patient survey as a person who spent time with them and helped them at their darkest times.

"He has so much patience, compassion, and love for his job."

"The safety of the patient always comes first."

"He is a role model for the new nurses and every manager tries to be sure that the new nurses they hire get to spend time with Brandon."

"It was the end of the shift, a patient was struggling with very basic direction, he stopped everything, sat beside her and helped her understand the importance of the direction as it was for safety. I know this sounds small and it would be if it happened once, but Brandon always puts the patient first."


We invited Brandon's family for the surprise event. Brandon's family was very thankful to be part of this event honoring their son as a extraordinary nurse. Brandons father reported, "it's always up with Brandon, it's never down, we are blessed to have him".

We feel blessed to have Brandon at Our Lady of Peace.