Brandi Childers

Brandi Childers, RN

7 West Orthopedics
St. Vincent's East
Birmingham, Alabama
United States

Brandi quickly attended to my needs with a positive attitude and administered my medications properly and without discomfort. She took interest and the time necessary to discuss my concerns, fears, and answer questions. She is always on time with my scheduled medicines without me having to use the call button.  When breakfast arrived and it wasn't what I liked she took the initiative to have a new breakfast sent to me so that I would eat and gain strength, in order to recover quicker.  Brandi entered my room with a smile and a gentle touch and voice every time.  She is the epitome of professionalism and ethics.  If this hospital was to be judged by my encounter with Brandi, the entire hospital staff and community presence of St Vincent’s East would receive a 10!