Brandi Benthin

Brandi Benthin, BSN, RN

OB Mother Baby
Bronson Methodist Hospital
Kalamazoo, Michigan
United States

Brandi was on top of everything the three nights I stayed after my c section. She never made me feel like calling was a bother, and was so cheerful and positive. She would stop in just to swaddle my baby since getting out of bed was difficult and my husband was catching up on sleep. She would bring me water before I asked, an extra pillow or two to make me comfortable, bags of ice to ease my pain. During late night feedings, she was quick to offer snacks, drinks or turkey sandwiches!! When I had pain, she was on the phone with pharmacy, my doc, and even brought in another nurse to have a look to see if they had additional suggestions. My milk came in one night, and as I was trying to sleep uncomfortably and wishing I had brought my breast pump, she wheeled one in with a tub of ice and storage bottles for me to keep the milk in! Her bedside manner was very professional, but her friendliness and caring personality really made my stay at Bronson a great one. She really made me feel at ease being a new mom again!