Brad Corrigan

Brad Corrigan

Brad Corrigan, BS

Cardiopulmonary ICU
Upstate University Hospital Health System
Syracuse, New York
United States

It's not everyday that you find someone who is very compassionate, patient, diligent, and just perfectly suited for the career they have chosen. I bet we are far from the first family that Brad helped alleviate fear, understand the mysteries, laugh at the inevitable, and find joy upon the path of healing.

Please know that this is one family who truly appreciates who he is and what he does. I hope others realize how lucky they are to spend their recovery in his capable, gentle and loving hands. Brad makes me proud to be human.

On days when the job is thankless, the case is hopeless or the criticism outweighs the praise: don't forget how important this job is and fantastic you, Brad, are at it. Because you care. Because you are you.