Bonnie Geissler

Bonnie Geissler

Bonnie Geissler, MS, RN

Chief Nursing Officer
Clara Maass Medical Center
Belleville, New Jersey
United States
It is a leader like Bonnie that has restored our faith in senior leadership.

Several years ago, we had the good fortune to have Bonnie join us at Clara Maass. Her welcoming attitude, straightforward approach to problem-solving and open-door policy has provided the staff with much-needed support and renewed confidence in nursing leadership. When I asked if senior leadership would be willing to purchase the life-size "Healer's Touch" statue to honor all the nursing staff, you replied a resounding "YES" immediately.

In 2018, the staff was blessed to participate in its unveiling. It was an unforgettable experience for us all. My coworkers and I had an unresolved issue, and we contacted Bonnie to discuss the situation with her. She not only answered her own phone but when we explained our concerns, she made an appointment to meet the staff the very next morning at 6:30 A.M. It is a leader like Bonnie that has restored our faith in senior leadership.

One knows that you may not get the results you desire, but you do know that she is willing to listen to your position, consider the solution, and include you in the resolution. I have personally watched you engage the staff during rounds and congratulate the nursing staff during the DAISY "Parade". I am going to sorely miss your participation. The staff of Clara Maass will miss your light-heartedness and candor, but most of all; we will miss your strength of leadership.