Bonnie Boshart

Bonnie Boshart

Bonnie Boshart, RN, BSN

Wilson Medical Center
Wilson, North Carolina
United States

My mother nearly died twice in your hospital. Once during pre-surgical imaging and then upon admittance to the ER and surgical unit.

As charge nurse, Bonnie consistently showed skill, professionalism, and a compassionate heart. She dealt with a range of emotions from my mother and an ability to respond to elicit cooperation in each instance. Bonnie also helped me as primary caregiver with direction and support. Her work needs to be recognized and honored!


Last year my brother, JC, was seen and cared for at your hospital. I recently found this letter he wrote to thank the wonderful people that helped him through this tough time. Wilson hospital diagnosed him with stage 4 prostate cancer. My brother and I were very thankful for the great care! (See letter below from patient dated September 11, 2012)

September 11, 2012

Dear Bonnie Boshart,

Once again it is with great pleasure to express my gratitude to you and the wonderful staff and colleagues who helped me more than just medically. Bonnie, you are a sober-minded professional with the ear of a counselor. I'm glad for your encouragement and rehabilitating oversight. Thank you to Maria, Leigh Ann Farmer, Jackie and especially those who kept my room in order.

I give you all a BIG HUG & KISS and promise that I'm going all the way to the finish line with great expectations.

God Bless,