Blaire Brady

Blaire Brady

Blaire Brady, BSN, RN

Emergency Room
Kootenai Health
Coeurd'Alene, Idaho
United States
Blaire maintained her professional bearing, a calm demeanor and was able to de-escalate the patient.

I was assigned to monitor room xx in the Emergency Department, as a PSA, in the performance of my duties. The patient I was observing was having medical issues which I believed to be some of the source of her anger and belligerent behavior towards Blaire and the staff. However, the reason I bring this to your attention is how Blaire handled herself, presented herself and displayed a professional attitude towards her patient.

Throughout Blaire's contact with the patient, Blaire was faced with the patient continually belittling her, cussing at her and threatening her and her family. I personally witnessed Blaire go into the room, knowing that she was about to be treated horrible and provide as much support as possible for the patient. On their last encounter, before the patient was transported to another location in the hospital, Blaire walked into the room and the patient immediately began yell, cuss and threaten Blaire. Blaire stood in front of the patient and with a calm voice continued to offer the patient support and offer to get things for the patient. It would have been easy for Blaire to lash out at the patient, However, she did not. Blaire maintained her professional bearing, a calm demeanor and was able to de-escalate the patient. Furthermore once Blaire calmed the patient down, the patient was then transported to another location, in the hospital, where she remained calmed and the other nurses were able to treat her.

I would also like to point out that this patient was obviously not Blaire's only patient. I would like to commend Nurse Blaire Brady for outstanding performance. Blaire displayed professionalism, kindness, consideration, and how all nurses could perform their duties. Thank you for taking the time to read and evaluate this letter, and know that we too see the value in having a professional nurse like Blaire on your staff."