Bill McCullar

Bill McCullar

Bill McCullar, RN

Baptist Health Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky
United States
Bill constantly reassured me with his compassion and concern.

I suffered a bad fall in my home that resulted in a dislocated right shoulder, broken humerus, and other surrounding bones shattered. I presented to the ER at Baptist Health Louisville. From the moment I walked in the door, every staff member I came in contact with was helpful, respectful, empathetic, and took care of my needs. I was admitted to 8 Park Tower, Ortho Unit.

Bill became my nurse on Saturday morning. I was frightened, extremely uncomfortable with pain, and concerned because I had not actually seen the Orthopedist yet. I had been told by ER that I would probably need a shoulder replacement due to the extent of my injury. A doctor I did not know was the orthopedist on-call, and he was scheduled to see me on Saturday, when a decision would be made. My apprehension grew and the questions in my mind were racing. Bill was very reassuring with my apprehension. What made him stand out to me was his extreme empathy and compassion. What might lie ahead was quite unsettling and frightening to me, but Bill used his nursing skills, along with his deep concern and compassion for me as his patient, to bring me some peace. His level of concern and compassion is truly a gift and grace, and I was blessed that he shared it with me.

The way he delivered his care was exemplary. He constantly reassured me with his compassion and concern. He was in my room often checking my pain level and reminding me to “stay ahead of the pain.” He did not wait for me to call and ask for assistance or pain medication; it was like he could read my mind. Every single thing he did for me was with extreme concern. I can honestly say my apprehension and fear improved knowing he was taking care of me. I had other nurses during my stay which were excellent, but he stood out.

 I am an employee at Baptist Health Louisville. I had never met Bill before that Saturday. I have always been very proud of working at Baptist, but even more so after the care I received during this stay and most importantly from Bill. I am even prouder to call myself his co-worker. I am sure this is his normal plan of care for all of his patients, but to me, I felt that he went that extra mile and made every effort to ease my concerns and anxieties of what was to lie ahead for me.

 I have been hospitalized several times during my lifetime, and in most every hospital in Louisville. It’s now easier to understand why Baptist Health Louisville is a magnet hospital. Not only do they offer excellent nursing skills with the best doctors, but they also have nurses who are compassionate and truly care about their patients.

 Bill’s concern and care exceeded every other time I have been in the hospital at any location, by any nurse! I read about the DAISY Award and understood that it is not only about good nursing that patients come to expect, but the compassion that is the icing on the cake. I got my icing with a cherry on top with Bill. Thank you Bill for a job well done!