Bianca Lopez

Bianca Lopez

Bianca Lopez, RN

Oncology Unit
Tampa General Hospital
Tampa, Florida
United States
This act of kindness melted my heart. It wasn’t the cookies. It was her kind gesture.

Bianca exuded such warmth.  She is a very caring person and nurse.  Her nursing care and follow up skills were impeccable.  Her nursing care was exceptional and her follow up skills impeccable. A few hours later what really touched my heart was that she asked if I would like a cookie and I responded yes.  Unbeknownst to me, and I am sure her, dietary had no cookies. She surprised me with chocolate chip cookies from the McDonalds downstairs.  This act of kindness melted my heart.  It wasn’t the cookies.  It was her kind gesture.

You have an employee who used her own money to get a patient cookies.  I tried to reimburse Bianca for the cookies and she told me “I am not taking one dollar from you for the cookies” and “eat them while they are warm”. 

TGH is blessed to have Bianca as an employee and so are her patients under her care.