Betty Jessop

Betty Jessop, RN

Emergency Department
UPMC Presbyterian
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Betty Jessop was assigned trauma nurse one night shift. A page came across for 2 level one traumas involved in a MVA. They were a couple from Michigan driving across PA when they were hit. The gentleman unfortunately died after much resuscitation tries. His wife, who was also being treated here in the ED, was told the terrifying news by the trauma attending and Betty was present.

As Betty continued to tell me the events she started to tear up. She kept saying "I just feel so terrible for her."

The patient was asking to see her husband. She had many injuries but with permission from the doctor, Betty took the wife to see her husband. She had full support of this woman in a bear hug as she leaned over the stretcher to kiss her husband and say her final goodbyes. Her injuries prevented her from supporting herself so for 10 minutes Betty held this woman as she said goodbye.