Betsy Karr

Betsy Karr, RN

Jackson, Mississippi
United States

Betsy Karr has gone beyond the expectation of a hospital administrator.
Recently she was asked by some friends to check on a family from Waynesboro - you know do the "southern thing." She did not know this family but sought them out. They had a daughter on life support. She did the normal things - introduced herself, "let me know if you need something," found pillows; toothbrushes, etc. She even invited them to her home to shower, rest, etc. But this story doesn't stop there. On one of her "just checking" visits, she found the father sitting alone at his daughter's bedside. The mother was overwhelmed and had just left. She asked him after he shared about his wife's pain and his emotional state if he would like someone to just sit with him. He readily and eagerly accepted her offer of kindness. It was after work and she "works late" often. But she stayed over 2 hours with him.
The next day, as the family struggled to make decisions, they sought her out for a favor. They knew their daughter would die, but they just had one request - could this nurse arrange for her not to go to the morgue. Betsy went to work making phone calls, learning protocol, etc. She personally called the funeral home, Wayne County Coroner and numerous others to facilitate this request and still be in compliance with our policies. She personally escorted the daughter out of the patient room and to a location where she also completed the paperwork necessary for the funeral home to leave immediately with the daughter.
Her kindness, compassion, and moral support are traits not typically seen by our patients from an administrative level. They (administration) are many times unsung heroes of the hospital because they typically are not involved in the direct patient care. I am impressed by her actions. She "walks the talk." Frequently, she is known to say "we have to do this for the patients, this is why we are here." Betsy truly set the example for many to follow. Thank you for being a role model to our department.