Betsy Cagle

Betsy Cagle

Betsy Cagle, RN

Rehab Nursing
North Fulton Hospital
Roswell, Georgia
United States

Throughout my stay I have encountered many pseudo-seizures. It brings tears of joy when I think of the care and dignity Betsy showed me. She treated me in the same way I imagine she would treat a sister. Betsy always stayed on top of my pain, making therapy more productive. She always answered any questions we had (no matter how many) and included my family in my care.

Betsy has a loving gift of making me feel very safe under her care. My family always felt safe when they had to leave.


Betsy was always willing to answer questions about my husband even when the assigned nurse was busy and Betsy was at the desk. It was a comforting feeling that the nursing staff worked as a team with Betsy at lead.