Betsy Astley

Betsy Astley, BSN

UPMC Presbyterian
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Betsy Astley 6NE is an RN specializing in the performance of extracorporeal photopheresis therapy (ECP), a bedside immunological blood treatment. She is an open, honest, candid, caring, thoughtful, kind, conscientious, dedicated, skillful, persistent, and committed nurse. However, Betsy's actions speak louder than any words, as substantiated in the following patient situation:

A patient with graft-versus-host disease s/p bone marrow transplant, had been receiving ECP for several years. Due to multiple issues, ECP now had to be performed via a specialized implanted port rather than the preferred and previous method of peripheral IV access. Betsy did her due diligence to ensure all would be ready for her patient. This due diligence included coordinating with the surgeon to ensure the implantation of the correct port required for ECP, a trip to Mercy to observe a nurse accessing this type of port, coordinating a unit-based training session with the vendor's nurse educator, and then performing the first ECP treatment while the nurse educator was on site to ensure all available expertise was on hand. Despite all of this preparation, the port did not work properly. After overcoming multiple and time- consuming roadblocks to get the port functioning properly, Betsy was able to start the procedure. It was now 8:00 pm; Betsy had started her day at 7:00 am. Without complaint on her part or requests from anyone to persevere, Betsy decided that the patient had been through enough, knew that the patient wanted to get his ECP treatment, and was determined that she would see it through to a successful experience for him. ECP was completed at 11:30 pm that evening and the patient was discharged home. Throughout the entire ordeal, Betsy remained selfless. Her only worry was to keep the patient comfortable, calm, and reassured. She did not want any part of disappointing him after everything he had been through. Betsy delivered a comfortable and flawless treatment in the end. She was back at work the next day with a smile on her face!

Betsy elevates nursing practice to an art form during a challenging situation, but on any given day, she exemplifies the tenets of the DAISY Award as so eloquently expressed by a family member, who recently wrote this about their experience with Betsy:

"First of all, let me begin by saying what a positive experience my brother and I had with Betsy, she is just an amazing nurse... so caring, patient and kind. It made all the difference! We are so grateful to be going through this process with all of you, so thank you!"