Bethany Price

Bethany Price

Bethany Price, RN

Labor and Delivery
Mission Hospital
Asheville, North Carolina
United States

I had the pleasure of having my second child at Mission Hospital. While all of the care I received was amazing, the work of two particular nurses was by far the most compassionate yet comprehensive care I have ever received as a patient.

Kimberly Reece and Bethany Price embodied the values of medical professionals. With every action they took, they explained what they were about to do, why they were going to do it, and asked if I had any questions. While giving birth is the most miraculous thing I have ever been a part of, it is also the most vulnerable I have ever been as a woman as well. Kim and Bethany were fully respectful of my modesty while making sure I was going through Labor and then definitely during the delivery of my son.

Kim was training Bethany during this time, and she gave her ample opportunity to learn and showcase her training while making sure I was comfortable along the way. The highlight of their care to me was right before I went into active labor. Regardless of their own personal beliefs and feelings, they were openly willing to stop and say a prayer with me and my husband. It was important for us, and they not only respected that but embraced it.

The warmth I feel for the care these two nurses provided will only ever be surpassed by the joy in delivering my sweet son, but I recognize it was with their help that I got to that joyful moment.