Bernadette Corpuz

Bernadette Corpuz

Bernadette Corpuz, RN

Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital
Houston, Texas
United States

Bernadette Corpuz is a very compassionate, caring and giving nurse, person and friend. I have seen her work in PACU with patients and am constantly amazed at her state of calmness that filters to her patients and keeps them comfortable and calm while recovering from surgery.

Over the last few months, she has been working nights in PACU and in the mornings from 0530-0700, she has proven to be very helpful and a beneficial team player in Pre-Op. In Pre-op, where we are fast-paced, and must have a patients V/S, IV placement, assessment, and all necessary labs and clearances for surgery, Bernadette has more than spoiled us with her speed, accuracy, and ability to provide much information and assistance to us before we are able to even begin our assessment of the patient.

Recently, our Team Leader was out and we had a busy day, Bernadette went above and beyond by staying on and adding tasks to her already helpfulness and get patients ready quickly and efficiently. I want to say thank you to her for all she does.

I admire her work ethic and patient care and thoroughly enjoy watching her never forget why she does nursing. It always shows how much she enjoys it.