Benjamin Rawcliffe

Ben Rawcliffe

Benjamin Rawcliffe, RN, CCRN

ICU, Oncology
Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States

Our father, who is in his 80's, was just diagnosed with metastatic advanced stage prostate cancer just four months ago. In that time, he went from an active individual to someone who is weak, frail, and barely able to get out of bed. In this time of rapid change and decline we have felt lost, confused, weary, and hopeless. Ben Rawcliffe took the time to listen, explain, and care for not only our dad but our whole family. He made us feel like we were all working on a team together toward making dad comfortable. We felt heard and respected, and never like a nuisance. Being in the hospital is never fun or easy, but Ben almost makes us miss being there. He is one of a kind and deserves this nomination. With gratitude always.