Ben Cheeks

Ben Cheeks, BSN RN

Transplant 10 East
Methodist University Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

Ben Cheeks was nominated from a story that Bryon Jordan RN and the patient family discussed with Ruth Tutor APN. Ben works for CD: Tina Sandoval RN BSN CCTC

The nomination reads:
Ben Cheeks RN gives outstanding patient and family centered care.
He involves the family and patient in their care. If possible he organizes his care around them and their preferences. He goes above and beyond to ensure the patient is educated on what they need to know to take care of themselves before going home.
When someone is being disruptive, having anesthesia reaction, screaming in anger, Ben remains calm and provides caring and respectful care to his patients and families and coworkers. On his day off, he had taught the kidney patient how to take care of them selves and their incision, the patient had need for supplies and had issues related to his care, Ben came in on his day off to get supplies and help the kidney patient and his family. He got them the information and items that they needed from the hospital in order to avoid a readmission and to help the patient be comfortable. He currently is studying for his CCTN. He serves as a Charge Nurse and Preceptor. He is known as a patient advocate, a caring and compassionate nurse, and an excellent clinician. He is most deserving of this award for going above and beyond.