Behavioral Health Code Purple Team

Behavioral Health Code Purple Team

Behavioral Health Code Purple Team, RNs and more

Behavioral Health
Northern Westchester Hospital
Mount Kisco, New York
United States

The inpatient division nominates the Behavioral Health Nurses who are on the Code Purple Team. These nurses, under the leadership of their manager Keith Lillis, respond to the behavioral/psychiatric emergencies all over the hospital. They demonstrate clinical excellence and expertise in behavioral management which allows them to quickly assess a situation and utilize verbal de-escalation skills to attempt to diffuse a situation. Depending on the case, sometimes physical or chemical restraint is a necessary intervention to keep the individual from hurting themselves or others. These nurses possess unique skills that are extraordinary not only to keep our patients safe, but they also offer support and guidance to the staff involved in the emergency. They offer ways to ensure that the patient/family are safe before they leave and return to their unit. They also frequently stay to help the nurse document and de-brief with the team to discuss what went well, and areas of opportunity. They will often make suggestions based on their clinical expertise, of ways to maintain a safe environment to reduce patient and staff safety risk, like removing "projectiles" from the room.

These nurses make a significant contribution to our organization by serving our patient, families and our staff. They come to the rescue during difficult behavioral situations that challenge the Med/Surg nurse.

Thank you to Keith and his team who come running to help us manage these difficult situations.

The Code Purple Team:

Keith Lillis, RN, Patient Care Manager
Linda Apfel, RN
Theresa Kim Bobak, RN, BSN
Jean McFadden, RN
Loretta LeStrange, RN, BSN
Sandra Perucci, RN, MSN
Marianne Zinberg, RN, MSN
Frances Curtia, RN
Patricia Butler, RN
Dympna Kenny, RN
Deborah Lill, RN
Donna Maturine, RN
Jeri van Houten, RN
Gennaro Giordano, LPN
Liza Lim, LPN
Patricia Nestor, LPN

Fitzroy Adams, BH Tech
Brunilda Horton, BH Tech
Celia Sairitupa, BH Tech
Eric Apronti, PCA/MHW
Amanda Palmieri, PCA/MHW
Michael Ramos, PCA/MHW
Bryant Lewis, PCA/MHW
Fred McMillen, BH Tech
Michael Ornstein, BH Tech