Becky Thomas

Becky Thomas

Becky Thomas, RN

Pulmonary Clinic
Children's of Alabama
Birmingham, Alabama
United States

I was in tears because I had lost my child's prescription and school was getting ready to start. There wasn't time for her to mail it, and I didn't get off work until after the clinic closes. She told me that if I could find a way to come during my lunch break, she would walk the prescription out to my car so I didn't have to find a parking space and could get back to work as quickly as possible. She helped me calm down and find a solution to the problem I saw as huge and created myself.

Becky is an excellent example of what a DAISY Award recipient should embody. She is caring and compassionate, she has excellent communication skills. She is someone other nurses should look to as an example and someone to model and she made a significant difference in my life and the life of my son by simply taking a few moments to talk to me on the phone and walking outside the front doors of the hospital to meet me. She is also a creative problem solver that thinks on her feet and is happy to find a solution to make things easier for patients and their family, even if it means sacrificing her own personal break time.

I am forever grateful to Children's and their staff for everything they have done to help me and my child. Becky is a shining star among a sky of stars.